an artists' view

an artists' view

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Between Here and There

This is a photograph of a 'weaving' I did, last summer in July 2009. Using flowers, grasses, stalks, from my garden, and things growing in the fields out the back of where I live.

I'd been working on a project with some visiting Israeli artists. The person I was working with was a photographer, and I was hoping we would be able to use natural objects to create Land Art and take photographs of the results. We were taken over by the short time-frame we had (2 weeks to produce work to put into an exhibition), and so I put my ideas aside, ready to return to them at a later date.
In July, the flowers were at their peak; the herbs were blooming in my garden. I was able to pick some, and take them out into the field and try to weave something together.
This is my first attempt.
It is something I want to return to in the future. It was a step into my experiments this year (2010) with Morning Glory plants, and Parsnip Spirals. A development of artistic interventions in the natural world.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Autumn 2010

Cerulean Sky
Golden Trees
It's almost a haiku!
But not quite......

Autumn 2010

Golden autumnal light

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Here are some berries in the trees;
the sunlight low in the late afternoon sky, illuminating the reds and golds.


Last month, I went out for a walk near where I live, and took some photos. We are having a fantastic autumn, with stunning colours of golds, reds, browns, oranges. The sky was cerulean blue, and the trees stood out gold and silver against it.
I used my macro setting too, to capture intimate pictures of leaves and berries, hidden away in the undergrowth.
Since then, we've had gales and winds, and the trees are becoming increasingly bare of foliage. Mostly gone now. But here is a reminder of when the season was turning, before the cold of winter came, and took away the colour.

Sunday, 7 November 2010


This wonderful sky, with a section of an upside-down rainbow (!) was above my house a few weeks ago, and luckily I managed to get a photo of it.

Recently I went out taking photos of the brilliant blue skies we're having this autumn, and the outstanding colours of the changing trees.
I'll upload them later. Haven't got round to putting them onto the computer yet.

Things have been difficult and hectic for the last few weeks.
Westgate Studios, the organisation that lives in the building where I have my studio, has gone into liquidation. Along with many of the artists who have studios at Westgate, I've had to move out. Three years (plus), worth of accumulated 'stuff' for my artwork, had to be hurriedly packed away, and moved. My studio had to be stripped bare.
It was very distressing, for me, and all of us. Now we're into November, I'm hoping that things will soon resolve, and I can get back to creating again.

In the meantime, I've been doing tiny pencil drawings, that I'm calling my 'disposables'!
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